"You guys are awesome! I have yet to build the beds but I ordered two of the kits (on a Thursday) and within one hour, the UPS shipping numbered was emailed to me. Everything got here the following Monday in excellent condition. Today (Tuesday) I went to our local builder’s warehouse and priced the rest of the materials/wood. Each bed, not including the mattress and before adding molding, will have cost me $460. If I add $100 or even $200 of molding and cabinetry, I am still only at $660. I just saw a bed online, easy to build, for $2,929. What an incredible savings! I will have three basic beds built for around $1,852. I will be ordering one more kit from you in a week or so. It is so nice to feel good about a purchase…especially one online. Thank you so much…incredible company! "

Larry F 
Jacksonville, FL

"This was fabulous and not much of work. I took the specs to Lowe's Home Improvement who cut ALL of the wood for me. I simply came home and put it together. The hardest part was getting the stain color consistent on all parts.(I went dark). I am a 47 yr old woman, and with the exception of putting the final 3 steps together, I did this entirely by myself. I almost bought a cheaper made version of a famous company for a lot more money, and decided, I have champagne taste on a beer budget, and I wanted real wood.

I would recommend this product to ANYONE. Thank you for my fabulous new office/guest bedroom."

Jeanne P

"In March 2008 my daughter ordered and sent me a Murphy bed mechanism to Finland. She lives in Montana with her family. I have to thank you for a very good system. It is so easy to make despite the fact that the mattresses come in different size here. Even though it took some time to modify the measurements to fit my mattress the instructions were clear and straightforward.
I worked about two weeks and then my bed was ready. I made it from Finnish wood because we don't have same kind of plywood you have in America. It looks so beautiful and I like it very much. Now I have very good, but small, guestroom in our house with Murphy Bed. Thank you very, very much for such handy mechanism."
Sanelma S
Tervajoki, Finland

"First let me tell you that I have been woodworking since I was five years old, starting in my grandfather's basement. I also used to own a cabinet company for many years and prior to that I worked for other companies in the furniture manufacturing business. I have made numerous wall beds using other companies hardware and was never impressed with the other products available. Recently, as a favor, I made a wall bed for a neighbor of mine using your product. I have to tell you that, in all the years I was in the business, I have never come across a product or piece of hardware that was so thoroughly diagrammed, documented, explained, and backed up by customer support as yours. Not only was I impressed, but it looks like several other people who saw the bed will be ordering one from me. I am seriously considering coming out of retirement and starting a company based around your wall bed hardware and system!"
John Van K
Boynton Beach, FL

"I cannot tell you how much we have used our Murphy bed since we built it last summer using your outstanding video and instruction package that came with the hardware. I have received nothing but compliments from those that have used it, and our "hide-a-bed" sofa hasn't been used since. This is truly a remarkable addition to our home. We have it installed in our third bedroom, which is also an office from my wife and I. This gives us all the room we need, and doesn't crowd us when we have company like the trundle bed we had in here before. Thanks for making a great and affordable product."

Ken H.
Citrus Heights, CA

"I am a return customer. I purchased the queen bed mechanism in June,1997 and had our cabinet maker build the unit with a cabinet on each side. I love it. The room was our boys' bedroom while growing up and was converted to an exercise room when they married and left. Now it easily converts back to a bedroom when needed. Now we need more bed space for growing grandchildren so we will put one in our playroom for their visits. It is an amazing mechanism; I can put it up and down with one hand!"
Wendy M
Naylor, GA

"I bought your Create A Bed mechanism a couple of months ago, and I had to email you to tell you about my experience. First of all, I have NO experience building anything. (I am handy around the house...like putting in a new toilet) but I have no woodworking skills. I bought several plans from other companies to build a Murphy Bed but couldn't understand them. One plan said to "route an edge 1/16 " wide, and it has to be exact for the pieces to fit". ROUTE? What is that? 
Anyway, because of your money back guarantee, I decided to take a chance and buy your mechanism. I had to buy a Skill saw, compound miter saw, drill bits, etc...and learn how to use them. But I was determined to take this one step at a time. Anyway, your video was AMAZING! Virtually EVERY screw and detail was shown in the video. Even someone like me that has no idea of how to do these things was able to figure it out by following the video. The biggest problem I had was in the beginning when I was gathering my supplies (like what is "Clear Pine?"...) but a few questions to the right people and I was back on track. 
Well, I worked on it several hours every week...made A LOT of mistakes, uneven cuts, etc. But today I finished the bed (well, not finished... I have to put molding up to cover the places I gouged!) BUT, I DID IT! AND IT WORKS!!! It works amazingly well! The only thing I would suggest is adding to your video about how to install the optional lights. (I messed them up a couple of times!) Also, when I opened the directions to the light installation- it said to Dado the edge (what is a dado???). I figured it out, ended up using a Dremel tool, and making a groove that looked like termites made it... but the wire went it and it works fine!
I am so proud and happy that it came out so very well! And I wanted you to know that if I could do it, ANYONE can! Thank you for a great product, and an amazing video that made everything simple!"
Doris (yes, I'm a woman too!)
Milford, PA

"You guys are great!!!!
I did get it today and the instructions are terrific!!!
I think I am going to shock a lot of people when this bed is completed…"

Thank you!!!
Carl P.

"Thank you so much for the cut sheet and directions. Really appreciated and nice to do business with an upstanding and honest company."

Be well…
Michael F.

"Thank you again for all your technical support. The installation went smoothly. The customer was thrilled. Your hardware is excellent!"

Bob C.

"My brother-in-law built a beautiful bed for my sister using your kit and raved about how easy it was and how complete your instructions were. I’m looking forward to building mine!"

Melanie D.

"My hat is really off to you. The plans to the wallbed were so easy to follow. Everything fit together perfectly. I attached a couple of pictures of the Bed, Bookcase and Office desk that I built in our den."

Thanks again
Jerry B.

"My name is Kevin W. and I have been building fine furniture for 10 years. Recently I was asked to build a wallbed for a customer and I hit the internet to find out about the hardware. I was amazed to find how many different kits were available and very pleased when I came across yours. I was able to put the basic package together in a day with your very easy to follow directions. Now that I see the advantages with using your kit the sky is the limit for me to build some great wallbeds…I hope to be building many more in the near future. I expect they will be a great hit in our area."

Thank You
Kevin W.

"Just finished my bed last night and am completely pleased. While it is not as fancy as some I see on the website, it came out looking like a very nice piece of furniture and works as you claimed. I did the basic bed - queen size - using oak plywood and staining it a light oak color.It looks great! Thanks for a good product that is what you say it is."

Gary S.

"Had my neighbor build my wallbed with your wonderful kit. It is amazing!! He was much impressed with the details you provided and the ease that it went together. I LOVE IT!!"

Dorothy B.

"I just wanted to tell how much I appreciate the wallbed kit. I have built one and slept on it for more than a year. Now that part of my house is a bed and breakfast and I have decided to build another one in the guest room. Since I am ordering one for me a friend asked me to order one for them. We will build the two together. It’s great!"

Daryl Y.

"I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!! I e-mailed your company for more info on the Murphy bed and every response was wonderful. Dale could not have been nicer on the telephone when my son lost the hinge, and the video is great. We are now installing it to the wall now and I will send a picture. I just wanted to thank you all very much for all your help and making this experience pleasant. I will give your company’s name to anyone looking to make a bed system. The level of customer service I have received is higher than I can remember getting in quite a while."

Donna J.

"Thought I’d let you know that I just received the delivery of our wall bed. Amazing service!!! One of your reps called me yesterday about 10am to verify and clarify our order and gave me an estimated delivery date (2-3 days!), size and weight info and UPS showed up with the box 24 hours later, despite 3 inches of snow in Chicago! Don’t know who to congratulate for the fine response - you or UPS.Thanks for your promptness!! (Hope the assembly goes as quick and smooth!!)"

Julie R.

"Thanks again for your help this morning… Your design is very simple but brilliant. I always tend to over do everything so I tweaked your instructions a little and used lots of screws, wood glue and plugs. It is very solid. It’s in my son’s room now and he loves it!"Thanks Again,
Reeve G.

"I have completed my Murphy bed and wanted to share the attached pictures of it with you. It was a bit of a project but I finally did it. It took me 2 weeks to complete (mainly the weekends). After buying the mattress and all finishing touches, we spent approximately $1500. My wife can’t believe that I could have done something that nice. All our friends, neighbors and family members are in awe of it. I must say that (I) am impressed with all that you have provided to enable us to have something this beautiful and functional. This was the compromise to the problem we had with our guest room. I wanted a large multi purpose room to play video games or as a theatre room. My wife wanted a real bed instead of a futon or sofa. This was the best of both worlds. No we have to find a nice entertainment center to go in the same room. Wish you could help with that too. Thanks for everything."

Sean L.

"You will probably not remember me, as it was in 1998 when I wrote asking for information about the Create-A-Bed wall bed system.Your advice to purchase the November ’98 issue of The Family Handyman was most helpful. I bought a copy, ordered the wall bed hardware, and spent the next few years dreaming of having the project completed. I admit that I held off for a while mostly due to fear - I wasn’t sure I was up to the daunting task. Every once in a while, though, I’d pull out the magazine and the construction instructions and read through them and daydream again…Finally, this past autumn, I began work on the bed. It took me a while to complete - not because the work was difficult, but because I would have to take a bit of a break between each construction phase in order to "psych" myself up for the next phase.My reason for writing now is to let you know that I finally finished. On Easter Eve of this year (2002), I slept on my new wall bed! I LOVE IT!Being a bit of a perfectionist, there are things regarding my construction that I wish I had done differently, but, as they are strictly decorative details (and since I tend to be a bit nit-picky about my own work), I am still greatly pleased. Thank you for the advice you offered back in ’98. I wish you continued success with the sale of the system. It is wonderful!"

Best Regards,
Mark H.

"I’ve been meaning to email you guys for quite awhile.Thank you for your great product, OUTSTANDING instructions and great support. It was a fun project and looks and works great."

Per C.

"I just wanted to thank you for the great service and wonderful product.My wife and I started on the bed on Monday and finished up last evening.She and I are very pleased with the (excruciatingly) detailed plans, video, materials, and ultimately finished product. The bed is a great addition to our home and really makes sound sense.  Why homes aren’t built with these in every spare room, I can’t understand.  Once my neighbors see this, you will probably be hearing from me again."

Thanks again,
Dave and Laura L.

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